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"Your Everloving Arms"

by Emory Holmes III

I remember now
After all these years
Standing in the garden,
Under the harvest moon
radiant and alone.

I stood with Jesse on the porch 
by the wild owls in the trees,
the shadows 
coursing through the grass,
the vastness
Of the night 
and you, mama, out there, alone,
Amid such troubles.

You looked back at the porch and
Beckoned us, saying, 
“Come out here, my beauties,”
And gathered Jesse and me
into the protection of your arms
And bade us to, “Don’t be skeer’d.”

And you held us there
until I could look up at you
and look up at Jesse
in his lucky hat,
Fearless now,
As the night closed in,
Starlight twinkling overhead.
You spread your fingers across our eyes
And said, “Look, Heaven’s a-waiting.
Here is your ladder to the stars.”

Your everloving Arms fb.jpg

"Your Everloving Arms," digital photomontage by J Michael Walker, 2014

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