"Dreams of the

Nearness World"

2014 - Present

My work has long been about honoring those who move unheralded through our world, about trying to truly ‘see’ them – to pass through their eyes and move down soft into their soul; to depict them with grace, respect, love and dignity.

Over the years an assortment of abandoned and largely anonymous 19th and early 20th century photographs - tinypes, cabinet cards, photo postcards, and the like - of people of color have tumbled into my hands, via thrift shops and flea markets. ​

Sometimes indifferently-composed and occasionally shoddily printed, the studio's poor professional work can seem sadly at odds with the earnestness, serious formality, and the Sunday-go-to-meeting dress of the women (and occasional male) who comprise their principal subject. It's long been my desire to honor these folk who saved up hard-earned coin, hoping for

a fair return on their investment: a permanent record of their passing through this world. Scanning the assorted images at high resolution, enlarging their engaging faces to life-size, and staring into their eyes, I've tried to gaze down deep inside. These dream images are the poetic result of my journeying through these black backwoods.... 

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