"The Virgin of Guadalupe", 1995-2000 

"The Virreinal",


"Works, 1990-2000"

Mexico: Land of My Second Birth


Away back in 1974, an unlikely convergence of good fortune and divine providence - an out of the blue invitation to go illustrate the first textbook in the native Tarahumara dialect - dropped me out of the Oklahoma skies and into a remote village in the Sierra Tarahumara of northern México, where I was spiritually and culturally transformed by the light, the land, the languages, the people, and a local village girl who became my wife.

I felt, in essence, as though I had come home.

México was indelibly imprinted in my heart and seeps into virtually everything I've created since that time.

And, particularly throughout the 90s, it was at the core of all my art.

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